Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Beta release (work it out!)

This is the start of something new. I'm off to India in a few days and returning (subject to Malaria and other pleasurable experiences) to the UK in time for Christmas. Took weeks to find out what the place is all about and eventually got some real info today. That prompted me to start this new blog as I have forgotten the password for my earlier blog so that can not be updated. For all the I.T weirdos out there yeh, I know about passwords etc. But when did you last speak to a plumber that had yet to fix his own leaks or a car mechanic whose own car was not always breaking down. Physician heal thy self I hear you say. Knickers to you is my response.

To continue. I had already committed to India without knowing about any potential horrors but I had reckoned that any rabid dog that was daft enough to take a chunk out of me deserved its day in the limelight before going to the great dog kennel in the sky. It seems there are no horrors awaiting me, they even speak English, (confirmed by the people I am going to) which is a great relief as earlier readers will know my language ability on a scale of 1 to 10 is about minus 100. And that is on a good day when the sun is shining and I've had a few beers. However, I have been informed that lunch is always curry and vegetables, every day. It took me 2 years to over come my hatred of chicken after I returned from working in the Middle East where chicken was the only item on the menu for over 2 years, I have a current dislike of Nasi Gureng (Indonesian fried rice) for much the same reason so I suspect curry is about to disappear from the my UK menu.

Packing gets easier. Shove everything into a Sainsburys (or Tesco) carrier and you are off. Did think about going to London and getting a Harrods carrier to display rampant consumerism but decided the thicker plastic would add to the baggage weight so didn't.

Do need to get my very expensive laptop backpack repaired as one of the straps is fraying and whilst I don't object to wearing the same cloths (I know the 'e' is missing for those with decent eyesight, but clothes seems a bit over the top to describe my rags) for weeks or months on end to save the aggro of washing but I do have a problem if my laptop goes AWOL on me.

You can tell my background. Might have a flash car outside and the very latest telly and hi-hi but furniture, whats that?

On that cheerful and insightful note, welcome to my blog.


  1. You are a glutton for punishment Mr T!!! Giving VSO a second term!!!! Hope it is fantastic - India is somewhere I would love to have a chance to visit. Hopefully the food will be varied enough not to give you curry-aversion. I still can't stomach the idea of anything resembling nasi goreng, but have managed to enjoy mie goreng again - and i've been back from Indo for 2 years this month!!! Salam.

  2. Namaste Mike, This is going to seem really strange to you someone posting on your first post at this late a date , but I shall be in Rayagada, just up the road from you and may be there before you leave! I've been chatting online with Hilary and she pointed me to your blog,so here I am. I was going to read them all from start to present - madwoman? - but felt I had to post on this one. Your I can't eat chicken after the Middle East comment rang bells. I spent 8 months aboard a boat last year and have yet to eat pasta one year on, I was pasta'ed out ;)So now I shall read on....