Saturday, 11 July 2009

Flying pigs

Not a happy week. With just a week to go before I depart for India the b****** car has blown up on me. After days of messing around with dealers, breakdown trucks and such like I decided to dump the thing as the repair costs for a black box were almost as much as the worth of the car itself. Bought a fairly decent Saxo (i.e. it is has 4 wheels in roughly the correct position) as a short term replacement and next year after we have returned from our Global wanderings it can be traded in for a new mobile box of aggravation.

All the final medical stuff is complete and I have to be the planets most certified healthy person(after x-rays, jumping up and down stuff, a few dozen needles stuck into various bits of me and unspeakable other painful goings on). My eticket is printed out and my passport is hopefully getting a visa stamped into it. Subject to not contracting pig flu, asian flu, bird flu or any other flu that happens to be knocking around I leave on the 20th July. However, looking back at the possible flu variants I wonder whether that is the origin of the term flying pigs (think about it).

A volunteer already in place in Koraput tells me it is the monsoon at the moment and suggests I bring some wellies with me otherwise there is a chance of catching fish flu. Given the ability of the virus to mutate I'm half inclined to believe him.

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  1. Hello Mike,

    Going out of UK.... He he he. I am really happy that you have made another placement. Well, no more nasi goreng in India but you will have another nasi curry. He he he. I am thinking of going another volunteer work in the near future.

    I hpe I can still get you out to give me IT advice. Indeed, still starting very slow with website.

    Regards to Christine. Visiting you in London maybe possible after your return from India. Hope your India will not be long like the one in Indonesia. he he he.

    I have a blog on organic thing.... I made it to help the organization I am assisting. that is.