Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I've started so I'll finish

I finally remembered my password for my earlier blog. But s*d it, I can not be a*****d to update it now having started this one. I use passwords not easily remembered and they make no sense either to me or would be hackers so it was a Damascus moment that it (the password you dummy) came to me. So, unless you are called St John and are deeply religious and are walking along a desert road trying to guess any of my passwords will take slightly more than a miracle and as I am not religious miracles are not allowed.

Mind you, as I am paranoid about computer security (it is part of my job) hoist and petard come to mind. So, those of you using complex passwords such as secret, confidential, letmein, myname, 123456 etc. can smile indulgently knowing they will never forget their password. Neither will I, so be careful out there: I'm watching you.

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