Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cogito ergo sum

There has been press recently about plagiarism by both students and academics. Being neither I feel no guilt at using Descartes as the heading for this latest piece of rubbish. I definitely know who I am, so, at long last, does the Indian Embassy. After 6 weeks (average wait 2-3 days) my visa to work in India has arrived. Subject to it not being revoked when they discover I know very little about anything at all I fly to Delhi on the 20th. The bright eyed out there will have spotted that horrible 4 letter word 'work'. For those unable to read I have highlighted the word in red. If you are colour blind, tough, there is only so much I am prepared to do.

Whatever, I am applying to the Guinness Book of records for the worlds most determined person with a masochistic wish to suffer. Who else would wait 6 weeks to get approval to w**k in a place recently known to have experienced a 7 day (days, not hours) power blackout. Unless you live in Dartford/Gravesend where the vandals know where the off switch is. The adventure begins!

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  1. What a nightmare! I really hope it won't repeat on me, as I'll have packed up house and home and be squatting with friends, who may not remain that for a 6 week stay! Hopefully I'm not tempting fate by saying this!